Top 3 Movies Perfect For Chill With Friends

Posted by April 7, 2021

If you are willing to watch some of the best Indian movies online and chill with your friends on your weekend, you should watch movies like Midnight Murders, Krack, and Super Over.

Midnight Murders: Cast

Midhun Manuel Thomas has directed this psychological crime thriller, and Ashiq Usman has produced it. The film features stars like KunchackoBoban, SreenathBhasi, Sharaf U. Dheen, Unnimaya Prasad, Jinu Joseph, and others. The film was dubbed from Malayalam film AnjaamPathira (2020), and this Telegu film was released in 2021 on the OTT platform for Telugu films AHA.

  1. Story

The story is about a serial murder case of police officers. KunchackoBoban as psychology Dr. Anwar Hussain is involved in the murder case because his friend Anil Madhavan had asked for his help. During the investigation, they find out that all the victims had their eyes and heart gorged out. Also, the nearby CCTV footage was tampered suggesting that the killer is also a hacker. In another kidnapping, CCTV footage reveals that it is the work of 2 people. All these clues lead the police and Dr. Husain to unravel the mystery behind this serial murder case. You can watch Indian movies online like Midnight Murders, leaving the audience baffled after the entire mystery is revealed in the last 10 seconds of the film.




This Telugu action film was written by Sai Madhav Burra and directed by Gopichand Malineni. The film was produced by B. Madhu and featured stars like Ravi Teja as PotharajuVeeraShanker, ShrutiHaasan as Kalyani, VaralaxmiSarathkumar as Jayamma, and Samuthirakani as Katari Krishna.


This blockbuster action film is about a ”krack” police officer named PotharajuVeeraShanker who does not like the term ”background”. He comes across three different individuals whose fates are altered because of green mango, a 50 rupee note, and a nail. All of them are criminals, detained for the Mumbai blast, the other being detained for bloodshed in Ongole, and the third being accused of assault on a small girl. The police officer comes in contact with these people at different periods, so you can always expect to be taken back into a different time frame.

Super over


This crime thriller is directed and written by Praveen Verma, and Sudheer Varma produced the film. The film features stars like Naveen Chandra as Kaasi, ChandiniChowdary as Madhu, Ajay as Ajay, Praveen as Murali, RakenduMouli as Vasu, and HarshaChemudu as Bangaru Raju.


The film is about Kaasi, Madhu, and Vasu, who are friends and help each other whenever they are in trouble. When Kaasi loses his money to a fraudulent travel consultant and his plans abroad get canceled, he starts betting on cricket matches. Kaasi wins 1.7 crore rupees, and his friends help him escape from odd situations.


You can watch the latest Telugu movies online like Midnight Murders, Krack, and Super Over if you want to watch something that keeps you on your edge of the seat.